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Through our business operations we tend to pursue an outermost humane exploitation of resources, both in the construction process by using adequate methods of design and installation of high-quality materials, and throughout the life span of its buildings, whereby the energy consumption has reduced significantly. We wish this kind of development to be embedded in our business culture, in the culture of construction!

LAKE Skenderpašina

Residential building situated in the downtown of Sarajevo, at 31 Skenderpašina Street, is part of a new generation of buildings that meet high requirements of energy efficiency, thus reducing the negative environmental impact to the minimum.
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BIG BOX Sarajevo Mall

The Project, which is still at its conceptual stage and includes an extensive feasibility study, conceptual design, and a land ready for construction, is available for a future investor wishing to enter the market – quickly and big!
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Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott Sarajevo was opened on 15 July 2015, and is located in the very center of Sarajevo, at No. 1 Skenderija Street.
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House of Europe

Within 12 months, LAKE doo built two (interlinked) constructions, namely Unit B and Unit C, based on strict requirements of current tenants.
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Unit D

Unit D is a part of the residential and business center LAKE intended for market. The Company LAKE d.o.o. acted in the capacity as investor and, in cooperation with its business partners, performed the entire management of project developement.
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