LAKE Skenderpašina

Residential building situated in the downtown of Sarajevo, at 31 Skenderpašina Street, is part of a new generation of buildings that meet high requirements of energy efficiency, thus reducing the negative environmental impact to the minimum.

Residential building situated in the downtown of Sarajevo, at 31 Skenderpašina Street, is part of a new generation of buildings that meet high requirements of energy efficiency, thus reducing the negative environmental impact to the minimum and contributing to the decrease in maintenance costs. Unlike the traditional heating methods, we use a new technology of heat pumps. This heating/cooling technique, in combination with the state-of-the-art insulation, guarantees up to 60% savings.

One of the market novelties is also a system of “smart apartment” where the owner can simply and without IT specialized knowledge manage all the systems in his/her apartment (lights, heating, alarm, video surveillance, statistics of consumption readings for all household appliances/devices, etc.), by using smartphone or tablet. Although situated in the city center, it is located in a quiet street without busy traffic, unlike other Sarajevo streets, which makes it a perfect residential area.

"When purchasing an apartment, buyers often lack space in order to satisfy their internal designing and decoration ideas, which is not the case with our apartments. All the finishing works (toilet, parquet, final processing of walls, etc.) will be fully adjusted to customer’s needs and wishes, as a satisfied customer is the goal of our business operations", said N.B.

Although Sarajevo often faces restrictions in water supply, especially in summertime, which significantly affects people’s daily lives, future residents of this building will not have to worry about that.

The building is equipped with its own water reserve system with sufficient capacities to provide water supply for 30 housing units even during the restriction periods.

More information about project:

Location and car parking

This residential and business building is located at 31 Skenderpašina Street, Sarajevo. The parking issue is resolved with indoor parking places on two underground floors which can be accessed directly from the Skenderpašina Street. It has 33 parking places.  

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Basic information about construction and finishing works

New building with 2 underground floors + basement + 5 upper floors. Vertical communication includes AB - stairway, AB - fire escape stairway and elevator. Vertical construction is made of AB concrete walls and AB concrete posts with different intersections, in accordance with statistical budget. Horizontal construction is made of AB slab .

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Apartments and shared areas

Each floor has 5 apartments with different structures and sizes. All the apartments have a bathroom and a separate toilet, as well as kitchen storage.

Apartments on the top floor, which face the street, have an open balcony created by shortening the dimensions by 150 cm; they are separated with glazed AL locksmith work.

In the entrance hall, in addition to the elevator and stairway, there is a space for the porter who controls the entrance to the building and the parking, with a possibility of video surveillance of all the shared areas.

Each apartment has an anteroom separated from the stairway with glass AL – locksmith walls. 

Each anteroom includes outer storage and outer kitchenette with external units for heat pumps. 

The building has a flat roof, constructed and insulated according to all architectural, thermic and statics regulations.

There is a minimum of one parking place per apartment; the parking places are on the garage floors inside the building. (Parking places are not included in the apartment price)

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The apartments have 280 cm clear height.

AB facade walls end with thermic facade (width d= 15 cm). Socle is 50 cm high, covered with extruded polystyrene, and the finishing plaster lining.

Load-bearing walls made of reinforced concrete, and the apartment-separating walls are lined with thermal insulation of XPS d=5 cm with reinforced net made of glass fiber; the walls are coated and painted with semi-dispersive paint.

Internal walls (lead-bearing and partition walls) made of clay blocks are plastered on both sides and painted with semi-dispersive paint.

Bathroom walls are covered with ceramic tiles, up to the ceiling, whereas the kitchen walls are covered with tiles up to 160 cm height (the buyer chooses the ceramic tiles and the method of their placement; the seller covers the cost of tiles up to 30 KM/m2, whereas the buyer pays the remaining amount).

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Floors in the hallway are covered with granite rock slabs.

Stairways (treads and risers) and platforms are covered with granite rock slabs.

External stairway is covered with granite rock slabs which are either hammered or burned.

Toilet, storage and kitchen floors are covered with ceramic anti-slip tiles.

(the buyer chooses the ceramic tiles and the method of their placement; the seller covers the cost of tiles up to 30 KM/m2, whereas the buyer pays the remaining amount).

Loggia floors are covered with ceramic anti-slip tiles.  

Room floors are covered with classic oak parquet up to l= 50 cm, glued with two-component epoxy glue, 3x cut and polished with water based dim polish.

Garage floors are finished with epoxy coating following preparation of the surface.

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Locksmith and carpentry works

All the facade openings in the apartments are made of aluminum sections with cut thermal bridge manufactured by SCHÜCO, system AWS70.HI.

All the windows are equipped with SCHÜCO systemic hidden fittings AVANTEC (without visible hinges). Systemic gaskets and handles by SCHÜCO.

Basic glazing with two-layer thermic insulation glass of 6+14+4mm (with argon filling 90%)  and low-e glaze, with heat passage coefficient for glass Ug=1,0W/m2K, except the position in the basement which are done with safety lamistal glass (3.3.1+14+4mm) with low-e and Ug=1,0W/m2K.

Glass on the loggia fence had thermic insulation (lamistal 5.5.2+16+6mm, tempered).

Facade wall at the building entrance is made of aluminum sections with cut thermic bridge manufactured by SCHÜCO, system ADS70.HI with thermo-insulated glass of  4.4.1+12+6 mm. The doors have SCHÜCO roll hinges. Facade wall is equipped with two-door mailboxes located sideway from the entrance door.

Positions on the stairways are done as facade elements, as per system SCHÜCO FW50+.

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Water and sewage installations

In toilets and kitchens there are water supply and drainage systems made of the materials of renowned manufacturers (Pipelife, Rehau, Kovina,SMU, Unitas, etc.)   with all necessary fittings, valves, siphons, etc. 

Toilet equipment and accessories are made by top quality manufacturers:

Each apartment has a separate electric water meter.

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Electric installations for high and low voltage

Each apartment has electric power supply from the main distribution board to the apartment distribution box. All residents will have high voltage electricity supply with supporting low voltage in accordance with the needs of modern times.

Additionally, we will prepare electro-installation cables for low voltage power in the living room for the “smart home” (Smart Home Control System), whereas upgrading of the system will allow for controlling the following equipment:

(This is possible via Tablet, SmartPhone and iPhone)

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Mechanical installations

Each apartment will be provided with cost-efficient heating and cooling system and preparation of toilet water through electric heat pumps with air-water system (made by Daikin).

External units of the heat pumps will be placed in separate rooms located on the same floor as the apartment, ensuring the full comfort and safety of residents as well as noise control. 

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Fire protection of buildings and apartments

In accordance with fire protection laws, the building has a separate fire escape stairs open to the south facade, with fire-resistant door of F 60min, leading to the underground floor I.

Open parking places on the underground floors have a natural ventilation system, which lead through the F 90 min fire-resistant door, to a filter with smoke-resistant door, and then to a hall with elevator and stairs. 

In addition to the roller door entrance, dimensions 2 x 300 x 350 cm, there will also be an alternative exit on the opposite side of the building, through a garage of the neighboring building (the construction will start soon).

The building will also have a hydrant network, and the hydro-installation project provides for a sufficient number of fire extinguishers.

The underground floors intended for parking, as well as the entire building, will have an anti-panic lighting system.

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